Portia Simpson Miller J$200 Million Election Fiasco


The Directior of Elections, Mr. Orrett Fisher reported that his office has trained election workers, recruited their trainers and employed temporary workers in preparation for election which was based on remarks made by Finance Minister Dr. Peter Phillips, who is also campaign Director for the PNP, and the PM herself.

The price tag for the postponement according to Fisher is about J$200 million and counting ….the final price tag could be a further 65 to 80 million Jamaican dollars… .. Fisher would not be drawn on this speculation, being a Civil Servant …..possibly fearing retribution.

The PM has since shelved plans to hold fresh elections for 2015. This decision has reportedly divided the Cabinet of the ruling PNP led Government prompting calls for fixed election dates. Civil Society is furious.

The JLP said it would be ready whenever the Electron is called.

Elections are constitutionally due up to March 2017.

By Hopeton O’Connor Dennie

Senior International Correspondent

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