Juliet Holness, wife of Opposition Leader Andrew Michael Holness is to enter politics

Juliet Holness

It has not been officially confirmed but impeccable sources have informed Vision Newspaper, that Juliet Holness, a Chartered Accountant and Real Estate Developer has been eying a seat made vacant by Senator Alexander Williams’s resignation as caretaker/candidate for the St. Andrew East seat on the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) ticket. It is considered a battleground seat as it has changed hands in previous elections and could go either way.

Power Behind Throne

Mrs Juliet Holness is highly respected and is credited with being the “power” behind her husband’s political successes. As a former first lady she no doubt has ambitions to not only return to Jamaica House but as a Parliamentarian sitting in the House as a MP.

She is yet to submit her application, but such is likely to be formalities, our sources have advised. This would create history should it happen.

Juliet Holness has two boys with husband Andrew Michael Holness a former Prime Minister of Jamaica under the previous JLP Government and now Opposition Leader.

If her bid for the seat materializes, she will oppose Senator Imani Duncan-Price also a first time candidate for the People’s National Party (PNP). The seat is currently held by Entertainment MINISTER Damion Crawford, who was rejected in a selection exercise in a vote seen as a lack of confidence in his stewardship as MP.

“An interesting development” is how a seasoned talk show host has described the possible occurrence …. believed to be a done deal.

Many Jamaicans are not yet aware of this new development, like wine it would secretly be fermenting out of sight.

by Hopeton Dennie

Senior international correspondent & Photojournalist.

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