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Producer Drew Stewart’s New Single “Love Me” Performed by Nature Ellis Creates A Music Frenzy

The song “Love me” performed by Nature Ellis has a particular groove towards it. It is produced by Drew Stewart and the feat is by Nature Ellis. The vocals are relaxed and can be enjoyed with good quality headphones because the song draws you towards it.


 If you are a lover of popular Jamaican music then the Reggae artiste Nature Ellis’s new single “Love Me”, produced by Drew Stewart, is going to make you groove to the beats. It has a very beach-boys music style that resonates with the reggae lovers.


Nature Ellis’s vocals are strong but it imparts a very relaxed vibe to the song. The singledisplays the importance of spending some intimate time together especially after having come back exhausted. The artist pleads his lover by asking “Wont you love me”. He says making love for him is not the same for him as he really craves a great time together after having slogged for hours.


He feels that love of theirs should soar like an eagle soaring in the blue sky. Drew compares his love to the colorful rainbow and that his beloved must love him to the melody’s song. The entire song is sung asking his lover gently that “wont she love him” after he has spend longer durations at work. At one point he tries to convince her that playing together is necessary because only all work and no play make people dull. It is a beautiful song that may soon become every lover’s anthem as every individual in a relationship needs their partner to open the doors of their mind and let them in. 


At a recent press meet the entire team behind the song, were met up with and on asking Drew Stewart about the details of the music, he replied “I am so glad to produce this song. The “then now and forever” label initially called Muzic House has a big role to play to make the single available on all platforms of digital media. Music has always been the most spiritual side of mine and thus I hope this new single from “Then Now and Forever’s” production house, turns out to be everything that people love.”


About Drew Stewart 

Drew Stewart always tries to make a statement with producing new music that is very experimental. The album was created byThen Now and Forever Music label. Entire group of Then Now and Forever Music are known to play with new music pattern and sound from Mento to Ska and rock. 

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