For our interview Spanner Banner took some time out from his studio work whilst recording his new album. “Is a roots-rock reggae album for the wider audience, and includes foundation reggae mixed with some modern beats for the younger generation to connect too”, he described to Vision. 
Currently signed to No Boundary Records, Spanner Banner is busy restructuring and re-launching his career on a different level. “I just recruited a nice band to work with and I am about to release two new tough tunes. One of them is called Raise of Pay. Although the government just raised the minimum wage it is still not enough. People really need more as they can’t survive on the current minimum wage they are getting.” 
Talking about your songs: Life Goes On is your most famous song, where did the inspiration for it come from?
The Father gave me the inspiration. I saw the things people went through after a hurricane hit the country. People’s houses, who have built it for years, were just blown up. I saw the devastation but at the same time the hope people had. I had to get my pen and paper and the lyrics just came to me. 
What does belief mean to you?
Well I would say it is like knowing. You know the almighty lives.  
Is it true that you also lived in the UK?
Yes, I was there for a few years. 
Where about?
First I lived in Lewisham and later in Plumstead (Greenwich). 
What do you miss about the UK?
I am person who likes to be on time. In Jamaica we grow up with the attitude not to rush anything, but I like how people in England are on time. I miss that. Every place works differently still and you have to work with it.  
You come from a musical family, how important is it to work together?
We help each other. It has become a way of life. Apart from Richie Spice and Pliers my younger brother Snatcher Lion is also a DJ.
I have to give thanks to my mother who always encouraged and helped us where she could by for instance giving us the bus fare to go to the studio. We sadly lost her just a couple of months ago.  
Any chance of all four of you making a song together?
People have been asking us already but it’s not in the making as yet.



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