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Statement from MPP Michael Coteau, Ontario Liberal Critic for Economic Development, Job Creation & Trade

Today, Statistics Canada reported that in Ontario, employment increased by 36,000,
the third increase in four months. These numbers are good news for our province.
They are also proof that Doug Ford is misleading Ontarians about the need to cancel
the $15 minimum wage increase and axe labour reforms such as two paid sick days
for all workers. These reforms are not just fair and decent, they help build a stronger
economy that creates more jobs.

Despite Doug Ford’s rhetoric, jobs and economic growth do not pop up overnight.
These are employment growth numbers that we have been seeing over the past few
years and they are proof that Ontario has always been open for business. They are
proof that building a strong economy and bringing in better benefits and protections
for workers go hand in hand.

It’s clear that the Conservative’s only plan for the economy is to justify cancelling a
minimum wage increase and cutting labour reforms by trying to convince Ontarians
that they can’t have more jobs and better jobs at the same time. The facts say

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