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T.I. Speaks At Doe B’s Funeral


Doe B’s funeral took place Saturday (January 4) in the late rapper’s hometown, Montgomery AL. An overflow crowd packed into the True Divine Baptist Church for the services, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

Doe B’s mother stepped to the podium and expressed kinds words for her slain son as did B’s manager Frank White. T.I., who was also in attendance, eulogized his protege speaking admirably of the rising rap star in front of a packed crowd. “I admired Doe because, as a young man at the age that he was, he always presented himself to be more mature,” said Tip. “It’s very rare that you could find somebody at the age of 20 or 21 and sit them down in front of somebody they aspire to be like and they are as composed and poised and postured and looking eye to eye with this person. It’s very rare that you find somebody at the age of 20 or 21 and you could walk them into the room with a Nelly, or you could walk them into a room with a Timbaland or Jay Z, and they not lose their cool, they’re composed, postured, with the morals, standards, and the principles that were instilled in him from his family, his mom, his dad, grandmama, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles.”

T.I., who signed Doe B to his Grand Hustle Records label in 2012, added, “I want everybody to know that one thing I will never do, I will never let this man’s hard work go to waste,” he said. “I will never let his life be lived in vain. All of my resources, all of my relationships, all of my efforts, all of my energy will be put forth to make sure that his dream lives on.”

As previously reported, Doe B and Kim Johnson were shot and killed at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill on Highland Avenue where the rapper was prepping to perform. Six other people were injured during the gunfire and taken to the hospital for their injuries, including the recently deceased Tim Hamilton. Two men, Jason McWilliams and Darius Thomas have turned themselves in to the authorities and have been charged with two counts of capital murder. More charges are surely pending with the recent news of Hamilton’s passing. Police believe the motive for B’s killing may have been an ongoing beef between Thomas and the accused.

Watch footage of the Kang’s speech, below.



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