Construction of a border fence between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. 
May 31, 2022
Immigration Detention Centre at Camp Blizzar reported 5 Haitians escaped
June 1, 2022

Bahamas Government Outlines Intention to Remove Customs Duty

A statement says the individual under investigation is a male foreign national who travelled to the Bahamas.

June 1, 2022 | Colin O. Jarrett |

The Bahamas Government has outlined its intention to remove the customs duty from roughly three dozen food items amid a historic rise in inflation.

Prime Minister Phillip Davis said the majority of the food items being made duty-free had a duty-rate of 5%.  These items include dairy products, vegetables and meats.

Mr Davis said these reductions would assist in lowering the cost of living for Bahamians who have in recent months, complained about rising inflation.

Colin O. Jarrett is Caribbean News Editor with Vision Newspaper

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