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The Power of Michael Jackson and Footballer Pele

Timmy Love and Quino, two musical stars, responsible for the powerful combination, “Wake Up Everybody,” is expecting great results as the song enters Richie B’s Jamaica Top 25 charts at number 12.

Anyone who is influenced by two greats, such as Pele the King of Football, and Michael Jackson, King of Pop music, must be sending a powerful, Wake Up Everybody, call to the world.

The song, is more than a lyrical depression; it is more so a storm watch as seen by Richie B, who is tracking great songs in the Caribbean and beyond.

The song, originally done by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, always a favourite of Timmy love, got a decent layer of varnish which has given, especially, its baseline a more authentic sheen.

Timmy Love, the mastermind behind the song, explains how Brazilian footballer Pele and Michael Jackson influenced this project.

“I am a great fan of both Pele and Jackson for many, many years. As a child, I would listen to everything I could get hold of by the Jackson Five. I even sang some of their favourite songs at my concerts.

“Michael Jackson has performed on Brazilian soil, and has even include Brazilian musicians in one of his music videos. I, too would love to perform in Brazil.

“As to Pele, I had a book written by him, which includes a hat-trick he had scored in one of his games. I was very impressed with this, and other performances.

“I grew up wanting to score a hat-trick too, which materialized. This, while attending Prospect College against Mt. Zion High school.

Timmy Love, born Timothy Lovelace a Jamaican by birth; migrated in his twenties, to the United States where he formed Reflexx, a band which toured parts of Africa.

He has released some five albums, including, My Inner Feelings, Time of Your Life and Light up Your Heart.

Quino, born Joaquin McWhinney has both Spanish and Jewish roots; now US based is the lead singer of Big Mountain, a group known for Billboard charting with a song called, “Baby I love You Way”.

Wake Up Everybody, is seen as a song of motivation to start the day.

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