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Tom Laing hits NY Top 100 chart

tom laing

Reggae crooner Tom Laing is rapidly emerging as one of the top reggae artistes in New York.

The soft-spoken singer who originally hails from Trench Town, Jamaica, has been riding a wave of success in recent times.

After a long hiatus he returned to the New York reggae scene with the release of his hit single, Finally Free, last summer.

The song that was produced by top-flight musician/producer Donny Marshall topped several reggae charts around the world, including the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Reggae Singles chart, the Foundation Radio New York Top 30 Reggae chart, and the South Florida Top 30 Reggae chart.

The video for the single also registered on a number of local charts, including CVM TV’s Hit List and the Pree Dis Top 10 Video chart.

The follow-up single to Finally Free, which is another Donny Marshall-produced track, One More Thing, is also doing well. It is currently number five on the Foundation Radio New York Top 30 Reggae chart, number 11 on the Foundation Radio South Florida Top 30 Reggae chart, and number 13 on the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Reggae Singles chart.

Based on the popularity of Finally Free and One More Thing on New York radio, both songs made it into the prestigious Top 100 Songs of the Year in New York. Finally Free comes in at number three and One More Thing is at number 73 on the Top 100 which is compiled by veteran New York broadcaster Clinton Lindsay of Foundation Radio Network.

“Last year was one of the best years for me musically. I have to give thanks to the creator for all that is happening with my career. I also have to give thanks to my fans, my team and the DJs around the world who are supporting my music. This year I plan to improve on the work I did last year. I have a lot more ground to cover and plan to release more singles during the earlier part of the year before I release my album,” Laing said.

He added, “Right now, I’m enjoying a fairly good run in the business with these two songs and I am getting a lot of props from the fans and music industry insiders. All of this is good and I’m going to use it as motivation to achieve more success as I continue to grow in the business. I won’t get carried away by my success, I’m a very humble man. I just want to sing and make good music for the people.”

Tom Laing plans to release a new version of his single, Belly of the Beast, as his next single in March.

“When I recorded Belly of the Beast originally, it was a good song, but this time around it’s a great song. Everything about it is much better now. The musical arrangements, the vocals and the instrumentation are very good. I know the fans are going to love it even more this time around.”



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