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Toronto Launches Consultations for New 10-Year Action Plan to Combat Anti-Black Racism

City Officials and Community Leaders Collaborate to Address Systemic Inequities and Promote Inclusivity

Toronto, ON – In a concerted effort to confront and dismantle anti-Black racism, the City of Toronto has announced the commencement of consultations for a groundbreaking 10-Year Action Plan. Developed in collaboration with Black communities, leaders, and organizations, this initiative aims to build upon the achievements of the previous five-year plan while deepening the commitment to creating a more equitable city for all.

Under the leadership of Mayor Olivia Chow and Councillor Chris Moise, Chair of the Confronting Anti-Black Racism Advisory Committee, the city is embarking on a comprehensive engagement process to gather input and insights from stakeholders across Toronto. The consultation period will provide an opportunity for community members to shape the future direction of anti-racism initiatives and ensure that the Action Plan reflects the diverse needs and priorities of Black Torontonians.

Over the past five years, the City has made significant strides in addressing anti-Black racism, with accomplishments ranging from support for Black-owned businesses to increased representation in governance and investments in youth development. These efforts align with the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent and emphasize themes of recognition, justice, and development.

Denise Andrea Campbell, Executive Director of Social Development, Finance, and Administration at the City of Toronto, highlighted the integral role of community collaboration in advancing anti-Black racism work. “We are proud to continue advancing anti-Black racism work with extreme gratitude to Black Torontonians, many of whom work at Black-led and Black-serving organizations and deep within the community in grassroots collectives,” said Campbell.

Agapi Gessesse, Executive Director of the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals, emphasized the importance of unity and community service in effecting societal transformation. “Together, we can continue to convert aspirations into tangible outcomes and dreams into solid achievements,” said Gessesse, underscoring the collective effort required to enact meaningful change.

The consultation process will be facilitated through various channels, including community meetings, online forums, and written submissions. Community members are encouraged to participate actively and contribute their perspectives to shape the development of the Action Plan.

For more information about the consultation process and upcoming events, visit the City’s Confronting Anti-Black Racism webpage. Together, Torontonians are working towards a future where every Black individual can thrive and reach their full potential in a city that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The launch of consultations for Toronto’s new 10-Year Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism marks a significant milestone in the city’s ongoing efforts to address systemic inequities and promote inclusivity. By engaging directly with Black communities, leaders, and organizations, the City is demonstrating a commitment to centering the voices and experiences of those most impacted by racism and discrimination.

However, the success of this initiative ultimately hinges on the meaningful participation and input of community members. It is crucial for all Torontonians, especially those from Black communities, to actively engage in the consultation process and advocate for policies and strategies that will lead to real change.

Moreover, while the development of a long-term Action Plan is commendable, it is essential for the City to ensure that it is accompanied by robust accountability mechanisms and dedicated resources for implementation. Addressing anti-Black racism requires sustained commitment and investment, and the City must follow through on its promises to create a more just and equitable Toronto for generations to come.

Together, we can build a future where every Black individual can thrive, and where diversity is celebrated as a strength rather than a barrier.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

Alwin Marshall-Squire is the Editor-in-Chief and Afro-Canadian Affairs Writer at Vision Newspaper - The Caribbean Update. With over two decades of experience, he is a dedicated advocate for amplifying Afro-Canadian voices. Alwin leads with vision, shaping the newspaper's editorial direction to reflect the diverse Jamaican Diaspora community. His insightful commentary and investigative reporting shed light on issues of identity and social justice, sparking crucial conversations and inspiring positive change. Alwin is not only a journalist but also a community leader, actively involved in initiatives promoting equity and representation. For feedback Alwin can be reached at

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