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Toyna Chin Releases Highly Anticipated Book on Amazon and Google Play

This Marks Her Second Book in Her Puberty Book Series for Girls

SAN DIEGOJan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “Don’t wait for your daughters to come to you with questions about

Toyna Chin, Author

puberty because that day may never come,” states Toyna Chin, author of the newly released book The Big P: A Girl’s Journey Through Puberty.

This is the author’s second book in a five-part series focusing on the changes a girl’s body will go through as she grows. “Ideally, as a parent, you’ve already begun having conversations with your daughter about the changes she will go through as she matures. Before girls hit puberty they are already begun asking questions about their bodies and this is the perfect opportunity to start those conversations, have healthy dialogues and build trust,” says Ms. Chin.

The Big P: A Girls Journey Through Puberty, Stage 2 is ideal for girls ages 8-14. The book is unique not only because its structured to make it as easy as possible for girls to understand what they’ll experience over the next few years. The book is divided into three parts: physical, emotional and social. Often when girls are educated about their bodies the emphasis is usually placed on what’s happening physically. This book helps to bridge that gap. “The Big P is all about-teaching girls about what happens with their bodies, their emotions and their relationships as they traverse the chaotic hormonal changes of puberty. Toyna’s most important message is highlighting not just the facts, but also the supportive relationships with parents, older adults and teachers that girls need to help them through this time,” states Dr. Mary Lake Polan.

The Big P: A Girl’s Journey Through Puberty is now available on Amazon and Google Play.

About Toyna Chin
Toyna Chin was born in Jamaica and raised in Connecticut before finally settling in California with her daughter. She became interested in women and girl’s health and education as the Founder of Hygeia Personal Care Products; a company she launched in 2004 to help girls and teens transition through puberty with the right products and education at every stage. She’s an avid adventurer and a seeker of knowledge. When she’s not spending her free time with her daughter you can find her in some of the most remote parts of the world volunteering. For additional information, visit

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