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Voicemail Eyeing Greater International Stardom

March 6, 2021 | Nackesha Doyley |

Photo of Qraig Voicemail

Dubbing 2020 as the ‘Year of the Pandemic’, dancehall duo Voicemail said they have been using the last 12 months to re-group and re-strategise in order to re-create and surpass the success they experienced when they first broke onto the scene in 2004.

Ready to unleash new music, they have teamed up with Panamanian producer Chiqui Dubs on their latest single, Come My Way. The duo said that they are looking to use the Latin market as a catalyst to become even more global than they already are.

“To get on that world stage like a Bob Marley where he is global and well-known across the world, that’s what we want. If we get up and say we want to do music just to be at home or to be here or there, we would be cheating ourselves. We are definitely aiming at all times to be as big as Bob Marley or even bigger,” said Kevin.

“We’ve always made music that we think everybody can listen to. We try to do music that feels good and that we know the masses will love. We are not trying to cater to one genre or one specific audience. We are trying to capture the world and we believe this track can do that.”

Photo of Kevyn Voicemail


His musical partner, Qraig, said the global platform is very important to them, and should be for anybody who does music.

“We cross over already but places still waiting to be introduced to Voicemail and this could be the song that does that. We believe in our product so we know it’s definitely going to be out there inna di hit world,” he said.

Chiqui Dubs said he believes the song is Billboard-bound. “Mi a tell yuh dat because is a international song. The way how we record the song, you can call it Afrobeats, you can call it dancehall or any genre you want. Is like it’s a music that can knock different doors because we trying to reach to other places that’s not so easy to reach for Jamaicans and Panamanians,” he said. Come My Way was released last Friday.

Pointing out that they are more than just a dancehall/reggae group, Voicemail said for 2021, they will be pushing the boundaries of music.

“We have a thing called The Evolution of Voicemail, where yuh have Qraig and Kevin V, with the mother brand Voicemail. Kevin has projects working on, likewise, myself,” said Qraig.

He said they took time to reflect, and to focus on what needs to be done, because in the music business, it’s not only just about working hard.

“It’s about working smart and work hard being smart because yuh affi line up the ‘ducks’ dem properly before yuh send dem out there,” said Qraig. “We are being very calculated. It will take a little time but there is a process to greatness.”

Nackesha Doyley is the Public Relations Manager with M.I.A Production 

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