Vybz Kartel Appeal Dismissed

Kartel’s Lawyer responded to the Denial Verdict. The lead lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson was confident that we will get a speedy trial in the Privy Council in England.

DPP Llewellyn said “My team knew that 5 to 7 volumes of transcripts had to be put together. It was to be voluminous some 5,000 pages. Eg. Prosecutor Geremy Palmer had 60 pages of speaking notes. I suspect the verdict was unanimous. A very strong area for the Crown was the digital evidence. It was ground breaking. Orrett Brown did the analysis for the digital work. As a career prosecutor you have no vested interest . Public interest is paramount”. Director of Public Prosecution one of the lead attorneys who prosecuted the world class Kartel case.

Reaction To Dismissal Of Appeal

Reactions to the Dismissal verdict is coming in on radio. This one was in the street. “Because Vybz Kartel is such a influential figure for him to be let go would be bad for the society and could lead to a breakdown in the society.” stated Willa Dennie, retired educator and writer. A noted Musicologist said “Kartel will be seen as a victim.”. His Gaza supporters were quite upset. They think he is “innocent” and was not “liked by officials”.

Listen to voice note of the verdict.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National & International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper.

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