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Wassdemm Bitten by the Fully Bright Initiative in Schools

March 3, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

The first time I heard the name Wassdemm, I must confess it didn’t dawn on me it had anything to do with dancing. I simply thought, someone has decided to use Wassdemm instead of Dancedemm.

It was, however, the outpouring of love he got from students swarming him like wasp at Holy Rosary Primary, that made me realize the name is fitting.

Wassdemm, who hails from Hope Flats, Papine, is fastly becoming a champion in schools and a household name in Jamaica.

He is not only adorable in the eyes of children, but one to watch this year, in terms of promoting positive dance moves.

In just about a month hitting the nation’s schools, he is looking forward to a year of great success.

“I am here promoting the Fully Bright initiative. You must have heard about it in Jamaica. It’s gathering so much strength that more than thirty schools have requested our presence.

“This is so good because we can promote – not only positive dance moves – but help in making this nation a fully bright one.”

“Too many dance moves are happening around us – from indiscipline students getting poor grades in schools, to adults refusing to abide by the laws.

This Fully Bright initiative designed by Deejay Shaka Pow, a doctor by profession, will grow into a national movement”. He has released a Fully Bright song and video.”

A football player, Wassdem, born Jerome Dwyer, is seventh of eight children for his mother Victoria and father Jonathan.

“My mom knew I could dance from a tender age and did not stifle this talent. She would take me to different concerts and this enable me to sharpen my dancing moves.

“A few dancers like Bogle (now deceased) and John Hype had a great influence in my dancing career, and of course footballers.

“I was fascinated watching the Ghanaian football team in the World Cup, as they celebrated each score by dancing on the football field”.

Wassdemm, played for the a Elletson Flats and August Town football clubs.  There, he would create and developed some dancing moves associated with football. These include, “pass the ball”,   “control the ball” and “score the goal”.

Now that he is promoting the Fully Bright concept, he has developed moves which are related to education. These include, “get education”, go to school” and “Fully Bright”.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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