What Will Happen To Sandrea Faulkner … Now That Portia Walks?

Sandra Falconer
Sandra Falconer

On The Sidelines:  It is not immediately clear what will happen to Sandrea Faulkner who is not known to be on anything. She has not been seen lately at any public events.  Portia recently tendered her resignation as PNP Leader. She known to tag along and hold on to Portia’s skirt tail.

Sally Ann

Portia will get her healthy pension as former PM, and as MP.  Likely further income from any investments she may have. Portia is secured for life. As for Faulkner, we would hate to see her destitute … lining up for a half decent say Christmas treat here or there. Just contributed to a Sally Ann kettle appeal and the former misinformation minister came to my mind.

Food Bank

We do not have the efficient   food bank network like most Canadian cities … so those on hard times could find is quite difficult, especially at this time of the year. Our thoughts are on the less fortunate.


The appointment and or reappointment of a Senator is the prerogative of the  party leader. It should be based on your expertise in particular field, we hope performance, and not just repayment for party loyalty.

Former Senator

Faulkner is a former Senator who has been discarded by the Portia/PNP as she was not reappointed after February 25, 2016 General Elections, that ushered in a new Parliamentary year. Senators who form the Upper House are appointed by their party leader to complete the House in our form of Government.

The Jamaica Labour Party won the February 25, 2016 polls narrowly by a one seat majority over the People’s National Party (PNP).

Senators are not paid, but get allowances and entitlements like duty waiver on motor cars for their use and traveling etc.  Senators are mostly professionals like lawyers who have other sources of income, a Senate appointment is added status. Such an appointment has no pension.

Faulkner was uninspiring based on public perception. She would have been brought in the Senate as a former media practitioner.

On the other other hand take take  PNP Senator Norman Grant, in the Senate for about 20 years. He researches, is a good debater and brings expertise as an agriculturalist. He is president of the Jamaica Agriculture Society (JAS).

Portia’s Departure

With Dr. Peter Phillips, 67,  being ushered in as party leader, we are of the view that this could shorten Portia’s departure plans. Portia is almost 71.
There will be no contest and since he is ready then why delay further. Interesting times are ahead.  Andrew Holiness is just watching the PNP trying to play catch up.  PNP does,not have the luxury of time on their side.

Faulkner will soon be on the sidelines as a spectator.  Will Dr. Peter Phillips find a bag for Faulkner to carry? Does the PNP have room for baggage carriers? We will see. Let us get your feedback.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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