Perspective: Dr. Peter Phillips is Media Friendly & Disciplined

Dr Peter Philips
Dr Peter Philips

Reacting to the coronation of Dr. Peter Phillips as the president -elect of the PNP to replace Portia Simpson Miller at the elm of the Norman Manley founded party.

We sought a reaction to the announcement by Peter Bunting.

SIC: How do you see Dr. Phillips as the next head of the PNP?

An Academic: “While at the helm as Finance Minister Peter Phillips showed an unusual amount of restraint not usually seen in the People’s National Party (PNP) and moved Jamaica towards meeting each IMF stipulation (s) within the given time frame additionally Peter Phillips appears to be more articulate as to how he answers questions and is more forthcoming with the media than the current PNP leadership.” This academic is 38 and has a PHD and is female. She asked not to use her name.

Social Media

A number of persons on social media especially Twitter have reacted in a mixed way to Peter Bunting’s decision not to challenge for the PNP leadership.

Other reactions have been his (Dr. Phillips’s) lack of charisma. They feel this will not connect with the wider youthful demographics. Voter appeal gives Andrew Holness a definite edge.


Phillips is seen as an academic, and has good technical and management skills. It is not known when Portia will step aside so the transition will occur.

The decision not to run for the PNP leadership has shaken up the political landscape in Jamaica.

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) activists have reacted in mixed ways to the leadership changes in the PNP.

Let us hear from you, how do you see Dr. Peter Phillips as head of the PNP?

Do you share the view that Phillips is media friendly and disciplined? The verdict is yours as usual.

HOPETON O’CONNOR-DENNIE IS senior international correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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