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Artist, Tredel the Comic God, Releases One-of-a-Kind Depictions of Black Gods as NFTs

February 2, 2022 | Jessica Lambert |

Toronto, Canada – Illustrator, Storyteller, and Character Creator Tredel Lambert is changing the narrative this Black History Month as his NFT series Black Excellence combines images, and stories, that celebrate the rich history and beliefs of ancient ancestors.

The Black Excellence series aims to empower Black people, while shining a light on their deep, powerful, and historical roots, changing the narrative of what celebrating Black history means.

“It was important to me that I focus my art on empowering young people who are learning about Black History, and that my art would help to change a sometimes-negative narrative about our culture. I went looking for amazing stories in Black history, and I was inspired by what I found” says Tredel.

The Comic God’s NFT exhibit consists of 4 pieces, one released each week in February 2022, for Black History Month.

Black Excellence will take the patron on a journey through history, to celebrate some of our most inspiring, and interesting stories. Black gods, mythical beings, and magical stories are what people can expect to enjoy during this month-long campaign.

“Our history is more than just the Americas. At school I was only taught about Greek and Norse mythology. I had to embark on my own knowledge quest to learn what my people in the past, and even in the present, believe. Now, I am very excited to illustrate what I have learned, and to share that with the world” says Tredel.

Each NFT that The Comic God created includes a beautiful, one-of-a-kind image of a Black god on canvas, the process drawing on an SD card, and the story of the god.

Black Excellence launches in the first week of February, featuring Ra, God of The Sun, from Egyptian mythology. The following week, art enthusiasts and Black History buffs will be introduced to Obatala, Sky father, who comes from Yoruba religion. To learn more about these, and the other Black gods who will be covered during this exhibit, follow Tredel on Instagram @tredelthecomicgod or visit

You may view Black Excellence by Visiting Tredel the Comic God’s NFT Collection Now.

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