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Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2023 celebrated Cultural Diversity and Unity

June 9, 2023 | Vision Newspaper |

Atlanta, GA (Sonique Solutions) – The city of Atlanta was filled with vibrant colours, infectious rhythms, and a celebration of cultural diversity as the annual Atlanta Caribbean Carnival took place this past Memorial Day Weekend. This highly anticipated event brought together thousands of people from various backgrounds to revel in the rich traditions and heritage of the Caribbean.

The city of Atlanta was filled with vibrant colours, infectious rhythms, and a celebration of cultural diversity

The 36th edition of the event which is produced by the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA) proved to be an overall success, and captivated attendees with a kaleidoscope of Caribbean culture, music, dance, and cuisine. The festival showcased the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean islands and provided a unique platform for Caribbean communities to share their traditions and customs with the wider Atlanta community.

Taking centre stage during the annual extravaganza was the downtown Atlanta Carnival parade which displayed dazzling costumes from the city’s major mas bands and other smaller and medium-sized bands which represented for other US cities as well as the Virgin Islands. 

The streets of downtown Atlanta came alive with the rhythmic beats of Soca, Bouyon, Reggae, and other Caribbean genres, drawing spectators into a world of infectious melodies and captivating dance moves. 

Following the parade, masqueraders and spectators made their way over to the festival village at the Westside Park. There they were treated to an immersive cultural experience and got to savour delicious Caribbean cuisine, explore indigenous arts & crafts, engage with various community activations and enjoy onstage entertainment by an all-island cast of performers.

The post-parade concert featured energetic sets from Barbados’ Alison Hinds and Lil Rick, T&T’s Shal Marshal, Farmer Nappy and Squid, Jamaica’s D’Angel, St. Vincent’s Skinny Fabulous, USVI’s Pumpa, Dominica’s Asa Banton and Antigua’s Burning Flames among others.

Regarding the success of 2023’s Carnival events, ACCBA President Patricia Tonge Edigin shared “I am pleased that everything ran smoothly and that everyone came out to celebrate one united Carnival. We are proud to have created a space where people from different backgrounds can come together, learn from one another, and celebrate the vibrant culture of the Caribbean”.

With a new parade route and concert venue, the 2023 Atlanta Carnival featured many notable highlights such as US Reality TV Star Martell Holt, Clarkston Mayor Beverly Burks and St. Lucia’s Motto serving as parade Grand Marshalls. Additionally, Motto along with the ACCBA and other outstanding individuals received proclamations from the city of Atlanta and Fulton County, Georgia for their contributions to the arts and dedication to the Caribbean community.

The 2023 Atlanta Caribbean Carnival would not have been possible without the generous support of corporate sponsors, partners, volunteers, and the dedicated members of the organizing committee whose unwavering commitment and enthusiasm contributed to the successful execution of this unifying grand celebration.

The ACCBA is currently planning for an even bigger and more exciting 37th Atlanta Caribbean Carnival which takes place from May 24th to 27th, 2024.

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