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Blomie Publishing Announces New Illustrated Book on Vice President Kamala Harris For Children 12 Years and Under

Meet Kamala Harris: Biography for Kids

The book tells the story of the incoming president, including her life and career. Kids will learn about their new vice president and improve their knowledge about current affairs.

FORT WORTH, TexasJan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The team at Blomie Publishing is pleased to announce a new illustrated children’s book that tells it all about the Vice President, Kamala Harris. The new picture book biography has been hailed as a genius way to educate children under 12 and bring them up to speed about vice president Harris’ life and career so far.

Meet Kamala Harris: Biography for Kids

At a time when the United States needs unity more than ever, Blomie Publishing believes that one of the ways to achieve that is to increase knowledge and truth, especially among young children. With the new illustrated Kamala Harris book, parents of children under 12 now have one more brilliant Kamala Harris gift ideas for their kids as the new year roars into action. The book ticks all the boxes for a fun time; it is relaxing and educative. Kids need to know what’s going on in their country and who’s running the affairs that affect their lives. This book is the perfect gift to help them know that.

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It is no secret that children are inquisitive and that their minds tend to wander. As the VP to the 46th US president, Joe Biden, kids already know her name and a few other details. With the new illustrated Harris book, children can now learn even more about her life and career. The book is presented in beautiful, fun, and attractive illustrations. Just how kids love them.

The new illustrated Kamala Harris book could also help out teachers and librarians as they seek to teach their pupils about the current state of the country and its leaders. Hence, they are recommended for use in classrooms and reading sessions.

Blomie Publishing is a company that takes pride in educating the young generation and getting them prepared for leadership roles. The new book on Vice President Kamala Harris will surely go a long way to feeding kids with all the relevant information that they should have.

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About Nia Hence
Nia Hence is a US children’s book author residing in Texas. She is a Dyslexia Intervention in the public schools and spends her days teaching kids to read better. Writing for children is her dream.

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