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‘Bruk It Dung to Reality’ trailer released


In an interview with The STAR in October 2013, Mr Vegas gave Jamaicans something to look forward to when he spoke of a new reality TV series he would be working on for 2014.

With only a month into the new Year, Vegas’ dream project is slowly coming to fruition with the release of the show’s official trailer.

Bruk It Dung to Reality, the official trailer, released on Monday.

The five-minute long video was uploaded to the artiste’s official Facebook page and shows women from as far as Somalia and Italy coming to our shores wanting to be the next “dancehall queen”.

The trailer already has fans wanting more and enquiring about the official start date.

Mr Vegas is in Miami where he has been having numerous meetings with potential distributors for the show, slated to get under way in March.

something different

Mr Vegas told The WEEKEND STAR he wants to do something different that the Jamaican audience will take seriously.

“This production will be professional, that’s why I’m in Miami now having meetings with people from all over the world, it’s not a joke ting,” he said.

Vegas said the series will have at least 14 episodes and will incorporate all the drama associated with a reality series.

“There will be challenges and all the drama that comes with competing. There will be competitions and choreographed dance pieces, but we ultimately want people to experience our culture and what it takes to be a dancehall queen.”

The winner of the first series will win a chance to go on tour with Mr Vegas, as well as clothing from the artistes’ clothing line, MV Clothing, in addition to cash prizes.

Mr Vegas said he has a team of experienced professionals with whom he will be working for the duration of the show, but declined to say whose those persons were, until all plans are finalised.

Vegas said Jamaicans should tune in as the show will feature the best of authentic Jamaican dancehall culture and will once again bring brand Jamaica to the international table.

“This will be the first time people are going to see a dance competition on TV in a series where the whole culture of the music can come out,” he said.

[Via – Jamaica Star]

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