“Sting is not Sting again – it’s a swing”

Sizzla Kolonji and D’Angel have been banned for inappropriate behaviour at Jamaica’s most notorious stage show. Well, Sting used to be known as a place where dancehall could unleash its raw energies. Now it seems there are attempts to tame those.
In a recent interview with Winford Williams for the TV-show Onstage Bounty Killer said: “Sting is not Sting again, it’s a swing.” He was also concerned that ‘dancehall artists are sold our for a fee’.

See the full interview here:

Here is what Mad Cobra had to say to Black Ryno’s performance:

Lady Saw has her say after lyrically killing Macka Diamond: “She wasn’t worth my time”

Here a recap of the highlights of Sting 2013:

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