Thanksgiving Service for the life of Nevile St. Hugh Johnson
Thanksgiving Service for the life of Nevile St. Hugh Johnson
April 13, 2017
Riddim Project
Toronto Record Label Releases Afrobeat Inspired Riddim Project
April 14, 2017

The African and Caribbean Wedding Show

African and Caribbean Wedding Show

Photo: African and Caribbean Wedding Show

Ambessa Weddings hosted their annual African and Caribbean Wedding Show, Downtown Toronto April 1, 2017, inside Daniel Spectrum. An exquisite event and a striving precursor to the organization’s  visionary endeavour to build upon success for future years. With an anticipated turn out of eight hundred or more patrons, “we’ve exceeded our expectations, there were more than a thousand people in attendance, next year we’ll need more space.” -Laba Menghistab
Znka Designs

Photo: Znka Designs

Highlights of the days events, said Menghistab, included; “the two fashion shows with presentations of the finest couture wedding gowns by Je Vis Bridal”, wedding planners showing great style and creativity in their displays coordinated with fine linen, bright uplifting colors and beautiful bouquets, delectably designed cakes and pastries satisfying to the palate and especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth.  The designers and participating specialists brought their A game, representing some of their best work. The lovely floral arrangements were decisively put together with brilliant spring colors, pink and yellow pastels, hints of bright mauve, beige, white  and gold trimmings popped within the perfect lighting. There were also in attendance international award winning  wedding photographers. But most important of all, were the decadent custom made men’s suits by Eaden Miles,  African evening and wedding gowns by ZNAK as well as Gervacy wedding fashion.  

Some traditional white flowing gowns were on display but it was the fantasy colors that were most outstanding , colors such as green, orange, and black. Black laced gowns, unlike what you normally would find at a wedding added mystery and versatility to the ensemble with an  interestingly gothic air to the designs. The outstanding african prints were not hard to see, from sparkling sequence, perfect apple green, gold, brown and orange down to earth tones came alive.  Its common practise to find white gowns at most weddings, that’s  traditionally offering in bridal stores.  
Kyle Gervacy Designs

Photo: Kyle Gervacy Designs

Diversity offers its rewards, enabling and encouraging a break  from the norm in order to explore creativity and free stylized expression for that special day.  Its not unusual for royalty to have their clothes custom made,  you’ll  find its common place in african cultures that a bride have her gown sewn by her mother from since days of old, or else it would be sewn by the neighbourhood or in house seamstress. Gentlemen only wear Taylor made pants because in store designs do not cater to the different sizes and body types of all persons.  Custom made clothing none the less adds value to the significance of the most special occasions, it makes it more unique and special.  Custom designs allows freedom of choice in colors, material and unique style content. When all is said and done if she so chooses, a bride can pass on her dress to later generations or the dress can become a family work of art and heirloom.  Today you’ll find bridal consultations in stores, online and now you can also attend the wedding show for a up close and personal replica of the wedding day experience and to learn the latest style trends.  There you’ll find designers too who can create unique designs especially for you, or take in the latest trends in wedding designs.

One of the industry trends to date “more brides are choosing to wear traditional ensemble respective of their elders and in honour of cultural norms, they also are choosing modern ensembles to satisfy their need to be a trendy, the advantage of that? They get to have a two day long soiree which caters to all generations” -Samantha Clarke, Award Winning Int’l Photographer 
Men's Wear

Photo: Men’s Wear

Where can you go in this city to access these hidden services.  It use to be only through word of mouth, internet or on rare occasion a snapshot add in a newspaper.  That was the case until the emergence of events such as the African and Caribbean Wedding Show opportunity for networking with wedding industry professionals, up close and personal,  access to samples and information for planning your  weddings or other events.   “Its important that we host these types of events catering to our community where a lot of people are choosing these days to have destination weddings where they travel to different countries to get married.”  This event perfectly  showcase the type of planning which can take place and access to the different services which are here today.” – Laba Mangehestab  it’s a magnificient display of the wealth of untapped talent and services  which are available in our community, and its for everyone who has great taste and desire for quality second to none. The event is catering to the more than eight hundred thousand plus people in the city of Toronto who hail from Africa and the diaspora, “we’ve got a very large market that is underserved, that’s why we host this event.” -Laba 

One other highlight of the event included the live music because what’s an event without music? It’d be like toast without butter, music is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top. The  jazz ensemble was a welcome addition and an important part of the event, DNA Project performed alongside Mel Dubè, to make it all the more amazing. The band strategically set near the entrance in an enclave to the right, was well fitted for guest arrival and departure. It was a beautiful ambiance and layout of the venue was a replica of what you might find at a wedding.  When asked about their next event, preparations are already on the way for next year, said Laba, plus Ambesa is making final preparations for the release of a digital and print publication of one of the  first ever black bridal magazines  “Èlègant Noir” which will be on stands starting this August 2017.
Maresa Cadienhead SIC for Vision Newspaper

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