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Lady Saw, Flo Rida release official video For ‘Heels On’ Remix

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The official video for Lady Saw’s Heels On Remix featuring American rapper Flo Rida has been released.

The video which was originally scheduled for release in November was released a few days ago and has been circulating on Music Television’s (MTV) official website.

The queen of the dancehall and the hip-hop phenom shot the video late last year and the behind-the- scenes look at the video caused quite the hype both locally and internationally.

In an interview with The WEEKEND STAR, Saw said that the video was halted by international networks that already had their schedules worked out. “We were supposed to release it in November, but, by that time, it was too late because the schedule was already made, and for a video to be released, it has to be in a certain time period,” she said.

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According to Saw, she had a blast shooting the video with Flo Rida. “He’s a darling, really shy and laid back, but fun the whole crew was fun and the experience was nice.” Saw says a lot of persons have heard the song, but hopes that with the video release it will get even more attention.

“Lots of people know the song, but not everybody, so hopefully now, they’ll pay more attention to it and it can even be featured in some movies and reality shows.”

Saw said she was also looking forward to working more with Flo Rida as the artiste has asked her to be on one of his tracks. “There is this love people have for me, we connect easy; he’s a big name and I’m also global, so we just want to get the work out there”, she said.

Saw, who is currently off the island, says she was taking a break from all the recent drama and was allowing herself time to recuperate as she will be working on putting her album together. Hoping to release it by July or August, Saw says fans have a lot to look forward to. She indicated that she has been working on some new tracks with some well-known producers including Teetimus and Sly and Robbie.

“Sly and Robbie recently gave me a track the other day. I’ll be doing a cover of Phyllis Dillion’s Stay Away, and I see myself working with Shaggy or Sean Paul for that one”, she said. “The album will be different; nothing boogu yagga. There’s a song on it called STD and it’s a jazz and blues song; that will blow up so look out for that.” She also says there will be reggae tracks including one featuring Beres Hammond. “I’m excited about it so I need to just get up and do it,” she said.


[Via – Jamaica Star]

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