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C-Well is promoting “Owe Dem”

June 7, 2022 | MIA Production |

Fast-rising recording artiste C-Well is currently promoting his new single “Owe Dem”.

The song was inspired by his son who survived miraculous life and death surgery that left his organs outside his body for days. C-well’s son was born in 2015 with a rare medical condition known as Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). The doctor made this known to the family that there is a possibility that the child would have been born with this rare disease and was informed to abort the child but with faith, the baby came to term. His son was rushed to surgery which lasted for six hours to close the hole in his diaphragm. After surgery, the baby had to be in hospital for six months with some of his organs out and as the swelling subsided they gradually put in his organs.

“Every day me, the family, and members of the church, we were in that hospital crying and praying for his survival.” Many sleepless nights and scary calls from the nurses, saying to come quickly”. Said C-well

The single which is produced by Image Boy Records is available on iTunes and other major digital media outlets for purchases via Zojak Worldwide. C-Well is managed by Playmakers Entertainment.

“There was another child in the same Hospital born around the same time with the same condition,’ and that child, unfortunately, didn’t make it. God alone could have allowed my child to be alive and well now 7 yrs later. That’s why in the song mi seh “ Dem Seh mi Owe dem, but mi nuh Pay dem nuh mind.” The only person in this world mi Owe ah God, & nuh mount ah money can’t pay him back!!!” said C-Well

The artiste is looking to target a global audience. He is getting a positive reception from people who hear his story and are reaching out to him.

Upcoming projects in the pipeline are TickTock collaboration and live stream performances plus a weekly music release.

Source MIA Production 

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