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Cheaters Video Finally Released

August 10, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

After weeks of anticipation the music video of Cheaters, a song which plays on the conscience of those who are dishonest to their partners, is finally out to the public.

The delay, which runs over some four weeks was no fault of deejay Profit Revelation.

“When I got a copy of the video, I was far from pleased. There were several concerns, including editing. The story was not conveyed interestingly and convincingly to everyone who saw it.

“Cheating is a serious affair which can lead to domestic disputes. In addition, to the breakup of family life leaving stress on their children.

“I am well pleased with what I am seeing now, and I know people will love it”

The plot surrounds a husband who dearly loves his wife, mother of two children. However, he is having an affair with another woman who is his wife’s best friend.

The breakup is when she finds him in bed with her best friend and decides to pack her belongings.

No amount of pleading could allow her to change her mind.

“I know this is a hot topic and a lot of people will have much to say because they have found themselves in the same position”, Profit  Revelation adds.

The video can be viewed below.

Supa Pea

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