Could Donald Trump’s Divisive Rhetoric Cause a New “Urban Spring” in America?

June 02, 2020 | Alwin Squire |

Scenes of looting, rioting, police cruisers and buildings on fire with police precincts burnt to the ground. The smell of tear gas and sights of thick smoke in the air. The treacherous sounds of shots going off. The vivid images of peaceful protester being pushed, beat and trampled by the military and police, as the countries leader holds photo ops and gives law and order statements to the press, just meters away.  These are the scenes of chaos, the images of pandemonium and the graphic scenes of horror that came out of Libya, Syria, and Egypt when they had their recent uprising or ousting of there old leaders not to long ago. Today, these are the images coming out of the United States of America. Those states don’t look to united to me. This looks like the beginning of an uprising. Since it’s not just blacks that are protesting and the majority of protestors in some rallies are white, we can’t call it the African American uprising. Or the Black people uprising. So lets call it it the “Urban Spring”, a modern day uprising spreading around the world. Sparked by the sleighings of unarmed black people by the hands of  police and the excessive use of force, police brutality and trauma, the in equality, and the systemic racism faced by black communities everyday around the world.


With tensions already at a boiling point it’s clear the “Urban Spring” in the United States of America is just getting started.  During other recent uprising around the world, like the Arab Spring the outcomes were the same. They ended with regime change and/or a different governing system.

With the US election just 5 months away on November 3rd 2020, the American population is poised to make a change.

Normally, it’s the incumbents election to lose but this could be the first time in decades we have seen a one term president in the USA.

It’s clear the American people want a regime change and this election will almost most certainly end with a regime change in the US.

Donald Trump almost had his re-election guaranteed when the year began on January 1st 2020. The economy was rolling. He was claiming he was the black peoples champion providing the lowest unemployment in the black community in decades. His approval rating was sitting high at the end of 2019, then covid-19 hit at the beginning of 2020 and his rating began to slide.  America was about to see a recession they haven’t seen since the great depression at the same time staring in a the face of a possible depression the people haven’t faced in decades.  Line ups for miles at food banks, millions of Americans out of work and poverty and inequality at an all time high.  All the ingredients needed for the perfect storm.  An urban storm an urban uprising or an “Urban Spring”

Arab Spring

When the people of Egypt took to the streets to protest in 2011, it was Hosni Mubarak that citizens of that country wanted ousted.  Mubarak at the time was the dictator of Egypt for 29 years before the people got tired of him and his oppressive regime.

The protests of the Arab Spring of the last decade looked very similar to the protest happening today in all the 50 States of America.

The Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions that spread across much of the Arab world.

This new “Urban Spring” is also seeing anti-government protests, looting, rioting and armed rebellions.  Protesters are gathering in large numbers in America in response to excessive force used by police against black people, what some feel as an oppressive and racist system and and a low standard of living for some in America.

The uprising in Egypt 9 years ago lasted for 18 days.

When Libyans took to the streets in 2010 its was Muammar Gaddafi who was the leader at the time.  Gaddafi ruled Libya for 4 decades before the people got fed up with him and demanded equal rights and a new governing system.

The civil war and unrest in Libya lasted 3 years starting on December 18th, 2010 and ended in December of 2012.


International Interference 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock (10664366w)
Black Lives Matter protest
Black Lives Matter protest, Los Angeles, USA – 30 May 2020

Allegations of domestic and maybe even foreign terrorism have been claimed.  President Trump has blamed local domestic organizations like ANTIFA and has said he will designate them a terrorist organization but the terrorism act only allows for foreign organizations to be designated as such.

Governors, Mayors and local Police Officers have all claimed that left wing, right wing, white supremacist and anarchists have been mingling in with peaceful protestors.

Could international terrorism be at play?  Could the Russian Government be involved in an attempt to destabilize the Country? Or could it be the Chinese Government using social media to spread fake news and inflame protests.  Although president Trump seems to be doing that on his own. Or could this be part of the big plan from the beginning.  There have been serious allegations of Russian collusion.

I would not be surprised if there was international interference or at the least domestic interference but maybe even some of the main players US spy cells.  Its actually quite ironic seeing that the United States have been involved in fuelling instability and regime change in both the recent Egypt and Libya revolutions and some would argue almost every country around the world.

It is well known that the US armed rebels in both Libya and Egypt and hand picked leaders of the opposition giving the rebels millions of US dollars along with logistics leading to the further instability of the country eventually leading to the overthrow of the leaders of their respective countries.

Will history repeat itself?  Is this the beginning of a new “urban spring”?  Will the Blacks in America follow the Arabs of the last decade.  We will have to wait and see if this perspective is correct.  This is our perspective, what is yours?


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