Biden Strikes Balance, Slams Trump as a Racist, Narcissist and Xenophobe

June 2, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

I will not fan the flames of hate, I will take responsibility” As President.

In an address to the nation Joe Biden sounded very Presidential. Commentators agree it was a well measured speech and one which Democratic Presidential Presumptive Nominee for the November 4, 2020 US elections has slammed President Donald Trump. Biden was dignified and it was most contrasting to the one presented yesterday by President Donald Trump from the Rose Garden the evening before.


“I am a law and order president … I support peaceful demonstrations …
Let us examine that statement closely. Was Derek Chauvin and his police team supporting law and order when Derek Chauvin knelt for over 8 minutes on a handcuffed black man lying on the ground. A police colleague assisted and the other two looked on .. who were complicit. George Floyd was subdued and was going no where. Loud cried out for mercy and his mother. “I cannot breathe”. Why such excessive use of force? This was a vulgar display of raw violence by the dismissed police team..

Secondly, Trump’s statement about “his support of peaceful demonstrations” Trump used his forces to tear gas a peacefully assembled protestors to clear the lafayette (public) park to create a sterile area for the president, his entorage and his family to have a photo opportunity in front of the St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is in walking distance to the White House. Can Trump be trusted? He failed to walk the talk. He did the opposite to what he declared in his address at the Rose Garden.

Biden Went To History

Biden made reference to Martin Luther King Jr. well known for his support of non-violent demonstrations. Martin Luther King jr. (MLK) spoke about injustice and equality. King was against racism. Biden also mentioned Rosa Parks who stood up to racism by refusing to be confined to the back of a segregated bus … reserved for black people. Whites only for the front of the bus.

Biden said: “As your president we shall overcome .. we are a nation of outrage, selfishness and fear .. hate begins with Donald Trump and ends with him … for 240 years racism has torn us apart … the American ideal wins out … we are at our best when we open our hearts than when we clinch our fists. Is this what we are? I won’t fan the flames of hate, I will do my job and take responsibility. We are the only nation that come better in an emergency. I want to build a better future … we recall Presidents Isenhour, Roosevelt, and activists like Rosa Parks and MLK Jr.”

Reforms Recommended By Biden

“Bad cops to be dealt with severely. Congress should act now. Obamacare and healthcare should be universal. President Trump should withdraw his lawsuit to strike down Obamacare. We need to recognize certain jobs people do as essential workers along with their unions. It is not only those who work at Wall Street.”

Showing Empathy With George Floyd’s Family

Joe Biden further said “Many are suffering, for me it is the 50th anniversary of my son’s passing. The pain is still deep. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preserved the idea of Justice in 1968 . they cut him down in Memphis … men and women should be treated equally … true justice is not just the absence of tension but the presence of Justice”.

Trump said “When the looting starts the shooting starts” protestors should be faced with the most vicious dogs. Hate begins with Pres. Donald Trump ” declared Pres. Trump.

Biden Contrasts His Style With Trump … he describes Trump as a narcissist.

Trump should have prayed at St. John’s Episcopal Church instead of a photo opportunity. He does not go to church regularly, although he has opened churches. Sunday last he went to play golf.”

“I Won’t fan the flames of hate” former VP Joe Biden concluded in his wide ranging address carried live on CNN.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National & International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper

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