D’Angel – good or bad girl?

D'Angel & Ninja Man at Sting– VIDEO DIGEST: D’Angel and that picture and her performance at Sting –

D’Angel put on quite a performance at Sting. But was she really a ‘disgrace’ to women, as some people like to put it or did she simply reclaim her body (after that cheeky picture) and set a clear signal to all of those who still would want women to wear chastity belts?

First of all big up to Kevin for his funny contribution to the matter:

During an interview for IMPACT on TVJ Cliff Hudges and Miss Kitty tried in vain to get D’Angel and Ninja Man to agree to them that they have thrown all good manners over board. 

A seemingly fazed Ninja Man could not understand what all the commotion was about and said: “Sting is our last raggamuffin show”

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