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March 15, 2019
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March 15, 2019

DeCarteret Students At Jamaican Senate

deCarteret celebrated 100 years January 19, 2019. The students and teachers visited The Senate. They pose with Education Minister Senator the Honourable Ruel Reid. See story already sent. Photo by Hopeton O'Connor-Dennie

Celebrating 100 … Of Academic Excellence 
As part of the schools’ educational outreach to students, deCarteret College engage students in field trips.  Law and other faculty were in attendance at this sitting of the Senate or Upper House.  The very contentious new Road Traffic Act is being debated and this round of the debate should have been held today, Friday November 23 in the Senate, the same day the deCarteret College and Iona High School students attended.
The central Jamaica school,  deCarteret College was founded on the 19th January 1919. One hundred years come January 2019.  They caught Vision’s eagle eyed senior International correspondent.
Unfortunately the much anticipated debate was postponed for a later date. This decision took many by surprise.  The week leading up to the highly anticipated Senate sitting saw an almost shut down of ground transportation by Taxi operators who have been protesting certain aspects of the proposed new bill.  The bill plans to target owners of taxi fleets to force them to assist in the collection of traffic tickets. This proposed new Bill has already been passed in the House of Representatives (Lower House) with over 100 amendments.  The owners say this is not fair.  The government decided to delay the debate to allow for more consultations.  Is this a retreat?
48,000 Outstanding Traffic Tickets
Todate for 2018 alone some 48,000 unpaid traffic tickets are yet to be settled.  Taxi drivers have been fingered as the main culprits.  At least two such delinquents account for over 1000 unpaid tickets. There has been amnesties which have raked in billions in cash for the revenue.
The French government today retreated from a new fuel tax due to widespread protests and escalating violence.
Photo Opportunity 
Minister of Education, Senator, The Honourable Ruel Reid took time out to pose with 6th Form students in purple blazers in front of Parliament at the end of the sitting of the Senate, Friday November 23, 2018.
The deCarteret College is celebrating 100 years of distinguished service to the Central Jamaica community of Mandeville, Jamaica W.I.  The Minister was caught by Vision exclusively leaving the Senate.
Founded on the 19th of January 1919 by the Anglican Diocese  of Jamaica and  the Cayman Islands.  This church school is part of a rich heritage for which Faith Based bodies are renowned.  The missionaries in the early days had chosen to educate our people. Slavery left many uneducated and ill-equipped to be really productive citizens. The deCarteret College has been a trailblazer for academic excellence over its relatively short but rich history of one hundred years of service.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision newspaper Canada

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