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Distribution Of Vaccines At Stony Hill Health Centre Unreliable

March 16, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

It was a somewhat a shaky start to the distribution of the COVID AstraZeneca vaccine at the Stony Hill Health Centre at the smart looking refurbished health facilities located in the Rural St Andrew constituency of MP  & State Minister Honourable Juliet Cuthbert Flynn who it is alleged is in quarantine, suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr.  Beard Chin reported that a total of 35 health workers and a handful of Senior citizens got their jabs today Monday, March 15,  2021.

There seems to have been a long wait for some seniors as there seems to have been a shortage of forms to be filled out by recipients as part of the process. There was also unconfirmed reports that there was a shortage of the vaccines to be administered. This proved to be not clear as in the end most persons waiting were served.


The Jamaican government is giving Ten Thousand Dollars (Ja$10,000) as incentive to persons over 60 sixty years old.  This is to encourage seniors to take up the  Covid-19 vaccine. This is a vulnerable group. Also this considered as a most worthy move.  Infections and deaths are highest in this age group based on statistics.

Photo of Captured by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie of a senior citizen Claude Duncan, a retired Engineer as he leaves Vaccination Centre in Stony Hill, just having been vaccinated. He reported that it was “painless”.

A waiting senior citizen reported inter alia:

“I was waiting from morning to get  vaccinated.  I really don’t know what is the problem. I am 89 years old”

This female Senior citizen eventually got her jab at about 3:30 PM.

Health Workers

“Today was reserved for Health workers and Soldiers” 

We were told as we investigated this matter privately.

Dr. Beard Chin who spoke to the me in a pheasant tone after I identified myself to her.

“We did thirty five (35) today.  It was a lot of work. Each client takes time about 45 minutes for each to be processed

Dr. Beard Chin reported


Low pass mark

It is difficult to truly access the process. This was a dry run. I can see problems down the road. The system needs to be better streamlined. It would be difficult to not give it low pass mark.  We hope things will improve after daily evaluation by senior staff. When the dust settled at least two senior citizens left unserved. They were told by one of the Doctors that:

“The vaccines were finished for today.”


Seating was adequate and there was a brochure distributed to those who were vaccinated. It is not clear what provisions were made for restroom facilities for clients.

Going forward,  what to expect is anybody’s guess.

Health worker in blue PPE gear walks away to fetch forms for seniors. It was a busy day for the frontline staff

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie who filed this report after observing the process,  is a veteran journalist with International exposure.

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