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Inspired by findings from the Dove Underarm Confidence Survey, the campaign includes a New York City subway takeover featuring women’s real underarms, creator collaborations, and a Pit Stop pop-up in Chelsea Plaza on September 7

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — According to NEW Dove research, 8 in 10 women believe their armpits don’t look, feel or sweat like the ideal.* But underarm insecurities are so last season. The latest trend? Confidence. Dove is launching #FreeThePits, a series of initiatives to encourage women everywhere to reject underarm stereotypes and embrace their pits whether they’re light or dark, bumpy or smooth, stubbly or in full bloom.

From August 21 – September 17, Dove is showing off the ‘Pits of New York‘ with a bold NYC subway takeover with ads featuring real women and their real armpits, along with a finding from the Dove Underarm Confidence Study (2022): 6 in 10 women admit to judging other women about their underarms. The ads are running on E, F, G, R, 4, 7 and L lines and at major subway stations including Herald Square, 14th Street/8th Ave and Times Square.

As the summer heat looms and the fashion scene heats up, women naturally want to be able to shed layers to stay comfortable – whether on the subway platform or on the streets for New York’s biggest week in fashion. But when the temperature runs high, so do women’s underarm insecurities. And when they’re feeling bad about their pits, 7 in 10 women are less likely to dress the way they want, attend social events, go on dates, and more.* Additionally, the Dove Underarm Confidence Survey (2022) found:

  • 80% of women believe society promote an ‘ideal’ underarm; most say the ‘ideal’ underarm should be hairless, smooth, odorless, and even-toned
  • 58% of women say they have been judged by others because of their underarms
  • 56% of women say they judge themselves because of their underarms
  • 82% of women feel embarrassed by their underarms

This September, Dove is shaking things up around fashion week to empower women to reject armpit stereotypes and overcome their underarm anxieties. As fashionistas arrive in New York from all over to help define the next evolution of fashion and beauty, Dove will invite them to challenge the beauty status quo and #FreeThePits – no matter what they look like. All women deserve to feel confident about their underarms – without judgement.

On Thursday, Sept. 7th, the first day of fashion week in NYC, the Dove ‘Pit Stop’ will be popping up in Chelsea Plaza (corner of 9th Ave. & 14th St.) from 9am to 5pm EST. Consumers can stop by to celebrate their underarms, receive a Pit Kit containing Dove Deodorant, a free MetroCard (two rides, $5.80 value) and other items to keep them feeling fresh and confident (while supplies last).

“Since the beginning, Dove has been wholly committed to championing a positive experience with beauty – this includes changing the narrative around underarms, and rejecting narrow beauty standards to empower women to confidently embrace their underarms no matter what they look like,” says Bianca Cancellara, Global Vice President of Dove Deodorants. “We’re excited to connect with women directly, particularly during a notably fashionable week in New York, when women from all over come together to redefine and celebrate the next evolution of fashion and beauty.

Dove believes all pits are perfect pits deserving of care. It’s time underarms are free from judgement. Join Dove in rejecting armpit stereotypes and celebrating your perfect pits by sharing your underarm story, tagging @Dove and #FreeThePits. To learn more about Dove and the #FreeThePits campaign, visit and follow @Dove on social media.

*2022 Dove Underarm Confidence Survey


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