Breaking News: Dr. Peter Phillips 5th president of the 78 year old PNP

Photo: PNP supporter wipe tears from her eyes after Portia Simpson Miller made her last speech as party president on March 26 2017.

It was a packed National Arena that witnessed the transfer of power and leadership from Portia Simpson Miller to Dr. Peter Phillips making him the 5th president of the 78 year old PNP. Party President Dr. Peter Phillips reaffirmed the party’s commitment to democracy. This is an apparent response to the controversial walking out of parliament as reported in our perspective in vision newspaper. “We walked out of parliament last week because of unjust taxes and laws. We support democracy and participatory democracy as we introduced student representatives on school boards, the cooperative movement, local government, and the Credit Union movement… PNP has always led the way. Too many are trapped in poverty, one out of many five Jamaican lives below the poverty line.”

Many diplomats and journalists were in attendance to witness the transfer of power which as the police explained after was incident free.
 Peter Phillips posing at the Special Delegates Conference
Photo: From Left to right, Chairman Robert Pickersgill, Dr. Peter Phillips leader, Portia Simpson Miller Opposition leader and Former PM PJ Patterson pose for camera at Special Delegates Conference, today (March 26, 2017).
Policy Direction
In an apparent policy direction the new PNP president said “I will form a new committee to look at the legal framework for land ownership and to better utilize funds in the NHT.”
This makes the PNP different from the JLP as we do not support indirect taxation.
“I accept the leadership of the PNP to thunderous applause.”
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC VISION NEWSPAPER

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