August 5, 2022
Abby Dallas Delivers At Grace Jamaica Jerk Festival, New York
August 5, 2022

Dwayno’s Panama Tour A Success

show promoter Dwayno

August 5, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Jamaican-born US- based show promoter/artiste, Dwayno, is in high spirit following his successful  tour to Panama City last weekend. The seven member group,  who took their talent on stage, were US- based Dwayno, Macka Diamond, King Blak, Lynx Unruly,  Concrosis, Ginegog and Canadian- based Miss Diva.

In an interview with Vision Caribbean TV,  Dwayno says, “I am extremely proud of my team. As a show promoter and artiste, everything was in place to ensure success. We delivered to our fans and the only regret is that we could not honor their request and stay longer.”

After a hectic five- hour flight from US to Panama City, the touring party boarded a 30- minute flight to Chiriqui which is in close proximity to all three venues.

” The first show, held at  Parking Del DJ, with a capacity close  to 1000 fans, saw duo  king Blak and Lynx Unruly  doing their favourites, “Bebecita”and “Dat Bad”

Among the artistes’ best shots were Miss Diva “Loving You”, Concrosis “Hard Life”  Macka Diamond “Dye Dye” and Dwayno  “Senorita,” and Ginegog “I Am.”

The group performed similar acts at Barco Hundido and Shotta Bar for the remainder of the tour.

Dwayno’s next production is likely to take him to Belize in August, 2022.

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