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Former Chairman Sets Online Book Interviews About Bank of America Memoir

Walter E. Massey

Walter E. Massey Uses Virtual Settings to Discuss October Release of “In the Eye of the Storm”

In the Eye of the Storm: My Time as Chairman of Bank of America During the Country’s Worst Financial Crisis

SILVER SPRING, Md., Oct. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the number of in-store book signings reduced because of the Covid19 epidemic, Walter E. Massey will discuss his new memoir with readers online. In the Eye of the Storm: My Time as Chairman of Bank of America During the Country’s Worst Financial Crisis, was released in October by Beckham Publications.

Says publisher Barry Beckham, “It is the only insider’s view of those perilous times.”

Massey’s first event, scheduled as an online streaming presentation October 29, is offered exclusively to executives and officers of Bank of America globally. The plan is for Massey to speak to an audience who are especially interested in his time with the bank as well as his ideas on how the bank can expand its potential.

Cara Pan, Chicago Market Director, will interview Massey for the 45-minute streaming session. “At the same time,” says Pan, “his memoir reveals how his leadership with other organizations helped him navigate his chairmanship at the largest bank in the country at a precarious period. Finally, Walter’s overall message is that one must have the courage to push ahead with undertakings that may seem daunting at the outset.”

Massey’s leadership capabilities have kept him busy since he left Brown University as the first black dean of the college in the 1970s. Lately, he has presented eTalks to Bank of America officers, and served on educational and civic boards.

SOURCE Beckham Publications

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