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Frenz Promotions delivers true all-inclusive experience

Toronto based special events promotions group Frenz Promotions created unforgettable pre-Caribana memories for party goers at their recent 2017 Spring All Inclusive.

Lady posing for the Caribbean fete captured by Vision Newspaper
Photo: Spring All Inclusive 2017 satisfied patrons thirst for a true Caribbean-style all-inclusive fete

After successful Fall and Winter events, the Frenz team garnered an awesome turnout for their Spring edition and satisfied patrons’ thirst for a true Caribbean-style all-inclusive fete.

The premises of the Latavian Canadian Cultural Centre was the site of this year’s annual event.

The organizers spared no expense to ensure the safety and convenience of their patrons as evidenced by the security personnel on hand to secure both attendees and parked cars and by the venue itself which was easily accessible to both drivers and public transport commuters.

The festive atmosphere was perfect for partying yet had a relaxing feel.

Two ladies showcasing the all-inclusive bar captured by Vision Newspaper Caribbean news
Photo: The all-inclusive affair had fully-stocked premium bars

Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) were available at the bars situated strategically about the indoor venue.

Multiple food stations which served several Caribbean delicacies were also present for those desiring some sustenance amidst the ‘grown and sexy’ euphoria.

The party boasted delectable food selections including Jerk Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Rice and Peas, Curry Chicken, Dhalpourie Roti, Pasta, Festivals, and a wide array of desert options.

The fully-stocked premium bars and action packed dance floor area also made for many a memorable moment.

A group of friends posing at the Caribbean fete captured by Vision Newspaper
Photo: Friends reunited and had a blast at the Frenz Promotions event

Although the ambiance, amenities and refreshments of the Spring all-inclusive fete had put a smile on the faces of all attendees, the highlight of the event had to be sizzling music mix as provided by the turntable talents of DJs D’Enforcas and Bassline Sounds who delivered the very best in Soca, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, Disco and Old School hits.

Also notable, is the fact that the 2017 Spring edition brought a certain amount of extra fashion consciousness and saw attendees putting an extra dose of “swankyness” into their dress code for the all-inclusive


By all accounts Frenz Promotions’ annual events are considered ‘must-go’.

With a premium venue, food and drink offerings and top class entertainment, attendees were certainly left eagerly awaiting the upcoming Summer edition.

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