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Fully Bright Beats Fully Dunce in Education Race

Good day everyone here at Heroes Circle, Kingston, Jamaica; others around the world.

We are at the home of the Education Ministry depicting the slogan’ “Every Child Can learn.. Every child must learn.”

The weather is fine, no cold fronts, especially with the heat which comes with Valentine’s night.

One can see the statues of some of Jamaica’s greatest, including Sir Alexander Bustamante and Norman Washington Manley.

It is also the scene where the recent movie, Alice in Crabland was filmed and went viral all over the world.

But, back here at the Park. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to witness the race of all race; the staging of the 400 meters between Fully Bright and Fully Dunce.

Fully Bright represented by the Outfytt Boss, former Kingston College A’ level champion. The ever jubilant Doctor from the royal family of Victoria Jubilee hospital; the undisputed Reggae artiste Shaka Pow.

And, on the eastern end of the field is the champion of Dunceness.

They have been kicking up quite a storm here from sunrise, waving Fully Dunce flags and T- shirts marked FULY DONCE which received some angry stares from the Minister who continues to wear his favourite Clarks.

These is no less than a hundred girls wearing Batty Riders and Topless representing Dunceness.

Just moments before several members of the Catholic community were seen walking out with Father covering his face as one dancer shows off her breastplate of Unrighteousness.

Well, all the seats in the bleachers have been taken up, so too are the ones in the grandstand.

This is a place of real excitement as I can see the arrival of Bro God the honourable Andrew Holness followed by the sound of the boom box bleating out Who You Voting For, with a thunderous Labour! from the posse.

Opposition leader Mark Golding is decked with Fully Bright orange shirt.

And ladies and gentleman, it is the arrival of the five time champion, as Education Minister Fayval rushes from the VIP area to greet Shaka Pow flanked by dancers Anna Kay better known as Thickas, and Wassdemm still wearing his green shoes from Weddy Weddy Thursdays.

Thickas tries to bubble on her head-top but is cautioned by the doctor that they have to keep it Fully Bright, and Fully Clean, waving to the crowd with his stethoscope.

It’s just under five minutes from race time and all eyes are glued on the two, Fully Dunce and Fully Bright. There is dead silence as they entered the blocks. The entire Heroes Circle is tense.

“On your mark! set! Go!

And Fully Dunce gets out of the blocks like lightning.

He has taken quite a commanding lead with Fully Bright trailing behind. Early days yet but the goodly Doc must realize he is up against a younger Fully Dunce as the two approaches the half way mark.

And the Doctor needs to change gear as concern is written all over the face of Minister Fayval Williams.

And now it seems like things have changed as Anna Thickas and Wassdemm comes on the grounds.

The Fully Bright fever seems to have take over the Park as I am hearing Education is the key; listen to Sir; and the Fully Dunce crew is struggling to remove their T-shirts.

Oh my God! the Doc is now leading Fully Dunce with a mere 10 meters to go. Fully Dunce is desperately trying to hold on, but his feet begins to wobble. Only a miracle can save him as the Doc crossed the finishing line first.

The clocks stops at 36 seconds flat;the number of schools Fully Bright visited in 2023.

The cameras are rolling with Education Minister sharing the lens as Shaka Pow received the Champion trophy.

The Prime Minister and Opposition leader are also in the mix.

“I did my best but I wasn’t under much pressure. I am yet to see one Fully Dunce bag on the streets, ” Shaka Pow declares.

The Fully Bright team which rolled out it’s package February 2023, visited a wide cross section of high, primary and prep schools in Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine and Clarendon.

The events involved Devotional Exercise, Career Day, Boy’s Day, Prize-giving and Graduation exercise.

This season Two, which began Friendship Brook Primary, Bull Bay St. Andrew, will continue with schools including St. George’s College, Bog Walk High, Dinthill High, Linstead Primary and St. Catherine Primary.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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