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Gully Bop Eats Way To Amari’s Heart? … She Plans to Marry Bop in August 2016 … After teeth implants On Bop


A’mari Lisa has made public plans to marry Gully Bop. She has advised that rumours that they have separated are false. In fact they plan to tie the knot in August 2016.

Gully Bop, has apparently dropped his resistances to removing his bad teeth for fear that it could spoil his trademark voice. According to media reports Bop has extracted two teeth and his voice is not affected.

Bop we are advised will complete dental work by June and implants should be in place for August for him and Amari to walk up the aisle.

It is not immediately clear what has so suddenly turn the tide of events in Bop’s favour.

We have not been able to get a reaction from his ex Shauna Chin. You may recall that it was only recently that she (Chin) went to Bop’s defence when his current beau Amari had accused him of impregnating someone and that a baby on the way with Bop possibly as the father. Chin said he was not “guilty” of such an act.

Bop’s song Delilah speaks of Bun aka cheating. It was allegedly directed at Chin … YouTube.

Reacting to the marital news, Dennis Brooks, online Editor and noted Broadcaster with Nationwide News Network 90.3FM Jamaica W.I. said: “I am not surprised, he is a celebrity … he may not be on the a list … the story of his (Bop’s) romances have been making the rounds. He had an opportunity to fix his teeth but felt it could have impacted his authentic sound” Mr. Brooks asserted.

“Amari publicly stated on TV that Gully Bop was “greedy and eats well”. We wonder if it is this apparent insatiable appetite for matters commonly referred to as “delicacy” or “saltfish “which may have won over A’mari to Bop.

According to the calypsoian most men relish saltfish …

In a parting reaction Brooks was not aware of Bop’s gastronomical desires, much less his trademark skills at eating.

We wish them all the success and hope with implants Bop’s eating skills will not be impacted. That would be a disaster, eh! Will he cause damage by teeth marks?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada in addition to be a Gully Bop watcher.

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