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“Hunt It” Dwayno and Falonenett song to Jamaicans at World Athletics Championship

July 23, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Jamaican born US-based singjay/show promoter Dwayno, has teamed up with his 13 year-old daughter Falonenett, releasing a song which he hopes will inspire others to reach for their goals in life. The song titled “Hunt It” was released July 15, 2022, on Dwayno Records and Cymplex Music imprint.

“Right now this is a song for all season. It is for our athletes at the World Athletics Championship and more, like students who have recently passed their PEP( Primary Exit Profile) examinations.They will now have to hunt for their highest academic achievement.

“At the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon, Jamaicans, like Sherika Jackson and Hansle Parchment, and other athletes from all over the world are on the hunt to bring back glory to their homeland.”

Dwayno explains that, “most significant is that the song instills in others the importance of hard and consistent work.

“The song is also saying to ghetto youths, rise from their state of poverty, but this will not happen if they do not put out their best effort.”

Words from his song are:

“Mi waan a house pon di hill

Couple mill(millions) right now

Stocks man a build

No time fi chill right now

Hunt the chedda(money)

Bredda, beat di leather any weather

Dutty poverty a get kill right now..”

Dwayno’s daughter, Falonenett says, ”

Daddy teach me the value of- not only being in school- but achieving the  highest grades. So, I  am hunting for a chance to enter university.”

Few lines of  her verse are:

“Hey daddy hunt di money fi me

Show mi how fi dweet

Mi waan fi learn yu see mi

The system pressure mummy

But mi affi win eh

Mi  study from now, fi get wat a fi mi.”

Dwayno explains that the root of the song began when Cymplex, a riddim- maker from Zimbabwe, sent him the riddim sometime in December 2021.

” I listened to the beat and found  the best songs to put on it. I have never heard my daughter sing and when she heard  a verse of the song she came  to me saying, she wanted to sing a few lines. I gave her the opportunity and she fits in  quite well.”

The  song has an accompanying video featuring  Macka Diamond as one of the side acts. It can be seen on all social media platforms.

Dwayno born Dwayne Forrester  grew up in Old Harbour, attending Old Harbour  and Vere Technical high school.

“As a teenager, I used to leave  out of my house at nights  to watch  Bandwaggon- a talent show which was just a stone-throw from my house in Old Harbour. I later became a star performer just about everywhere I went to perform.

“However, it was a song I did, “Don A Road” (referring to Kartel) which allowed people all over the world to know Dwayno.

” First the radio stations in Jamaica began to mix and play the song, then the sound systems, and finally several promoters booked me for shows.”

Dwayno has released over 100 songs and more than five albums, including “Mi Vida (My Life), “Bumper Interaction,” and  “Ole Skool.”

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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