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Ishawna – Instaboy

Haters will hate yuh
To how yuh profile stay
But yuh rise up my curiosity

Mi just go through yuh page and a browse
Yuh life look warm and cozy
Mi wah cock up inna yuh Jacuzzi
Mi just a go through yuh page I’m searching
Seems like you’re hustling, working
Look like seh yuh nuh have no burden

[Verse 1]
Hey boy
Yuh page it a mad mi
A hope seh a so yuh up inna reality
Yuh car big, yuh house big, yuh cocky big
A me you fi a dig
Yuh page, it nuh private
Mi wah introduce yuh to mi privates
From mi spot yuh inna mi Explore-a
Mi name change from Pepsi to Dora
Yuh page remind me of the rich and famous
How would you like a f–k from a b—h that’s famous
Mi nuh wah fi be your sweetheart
Wah fi be the one weh mek yuh heart beat fast



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