Jamaican Opposition MP Dr. Winston Green is Dead. JLP Now has 4 Seat lead

Did the prospect of losing his narrowly held disputed seat at the magisterial recount led to the death of Dr. Winston Green? There has been public speculation and comments said to be attributed to the late Dr. Green himself that his death could be stress related.  His death appears, however, to be by natural causes by all accounts.
Then there was the ongoing election petition still awaiting a ruling in the Supreme Court believed to have been bearing down on Green’s mind. This ruling could go either way.

Seat Count

This has dramatically changed the composition of our Parliament instantly. Dr. Green who prior to his death was Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Trade etc, representing Southeast St. Mary constituency. He died suddenly early Monday morning, reportedly at home in bed … cause is not known.  The passing of Dr. Green means the JLP now has a 4 Seat lead. Portia Simpson Miller, and Dr. Omar Davis have announced their retirement so by elections have to be held to fill those pending vacancies.

2016 General Election

The JLP won the 2016 General Elections heading a one seat majority government ….  Green’s seat was in the courts as he lost on the preliminary count but was later declared the winner after a magisterial recount by only 5 votes.  Dr. Norman Dunn,  a pharmacist/businessman, was the JLP’s candidate who was expected to win the seat. It is not clear if the court will bother to rule since such a ruling would be academic only.  On second thought … the court is likely not to be influenced by Green’s death. We will have to wait to see.


We are saddened at the passing of Dr. Winston Green, a medical doctor and a personal friend who was held in high regard by many.  To his family and associates we express our sympathy.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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