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Jamaica’s Political Stability Yielding Significant Investment Opportunities

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says Jamaica’s political stability is yielding significant investment opportunities in emerging markets for the country.

“What is not often captured in these statistics about destinations, but which investors are usually also very concerned about, is the political stability. Jamaica is the most politically stable for all your potential opportunities, within the region,” Mr. Holness stated.

He was addressing regional and international investors on the opening day of the Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference and Operations (CHICOS) Summit at the Secrets Wild Orchard and St. James Resorts in Montego Bay, St. James, on Thursday (November 14).

Mr. Holness said the Government has an ambitious economic growth agenda for Jamaica, for which a politically stable environment is pivotal to its realisation.

He pointed out that Jamaica and, by extension, the Caribbean have consistently demonstrated the level of political stability that guarantees the protection of existing and prospective investments.

“Clearly, investors would want to go where they can get the best returns. But they also want to be certain that their investments will be safe [and] that the political risk is minimal. So in analysing Jamaica and, indeed, the [Caribbean] region, you can be sure that the political risk here is minimal,” the Prime Minister assured.

He pointed out that Jamaica has strong democratic traditions that exude the principles of freedom and expression.

“We are ranked sixth in the world for the freedom of the press and we have a very liberal kind of democracy,” Mr. Holness pointed out.

He said this has, among other things, facilitated the execution of a programme of reform in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) “without any form of social disruption”.

The CHICOS Summit, which is being held November 14 and 15, brings together regional and international investors, operators and decision-makers to discuss the prospects for Caribbean markets while analysing trends that can impact investment decisions.


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