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Jonnah releases ‘This Morning’

JonnahMagnum Kings and Queens winner Jonnah has released a new single called ‘This Morning’ on the Multi Music/DJ Sky Records labels which is generating great buzz locally and in the Caribbean.

With his trademark ‘one’ kicking off the video, Jonnah displays the clarity and witty metaphors that propelled him to victory earlier this year in the popular music competition.

“Mi just give thanks to the Almighty for His support, the response to the song and video has been great so far, people ah tek on to it, and the fans love the concept of the video,” he said.

Jonnah has signed a recording and booking deal with Multi Music label, which also features dancehall deejay Money Pallet. The deejay will also be releasing a new video this week for the Chimney Records-produced single,Limit Is The Sky.

The beverage companybankrolled a video for the single as one of the prizes which Jonnah received as the 2013 winner of the annual Magnum talent show.

“Magnum has been great, they are releasing the single and video for Limit Is The Sky this week. the video tun up, image mad, scenes dem shot. Things have been great so far since winning the contest. A lot of people know me now and I am a role model to lots of young people. I am aware of that responsibility, so I won’t let them down. The music business is very challenging, but I am getting the hangof it, each day I am learning more things,” Jonnah said.

He will be heading to Europe for the first time next year as he has a series of club shows booked for France in January.

You can follow Jonnah on Twitter@jonnah111 and on his Facebook fan page Jonah.


By: Jamaica Star

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