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Koffee “LockDown” the Music Industry

July 24, 2020 | By Donovan Watkis |

Reggae sensation Koffee became the first and youngest woman to win a Grammy for best Reggae album.

The album “Rapture” went number one on the Reggae iTunes chart and stayed on the Chart. She accepted her award gracefully by saluting her fellow nominees in the name of Jamaica and Reggae music.

Before winning the Grammy, she was celebrated with curated playlists from world leaders like Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. She appeared on the major entertainment shows aboard with the confidence of a seasoned entertainer.

Koffee represents herself well as someone fresh and exciting for Reggae music and Jamaican music in general. Her unprecedented five-song EP and her successes were not predictable. There were persons online who doubted her entry into music as premature.

She does not follow the patterns and fashions of the typical Jamaican woman singer who flouts her stuff and boast about her sexual prowess. However, the nineteen-year-old is the most exciting thing to happen for Reggae music in the last five years. Her songs are about her blessings and wins prophesying over her own life.

As she progresses to the next level of her career with massive chart-toppers, Jamaica stands to benefit from her achievements in the same way we have benefited from our top athlete’s success on the major Olympic stage.

Koffee is an inspiration for all young girls with a dream. In her own words: “Third form me say make me try a ting,” were her ambitious sentiments of going after her dreams while she was only a student. Every young boy and girl can feel the spirit of that sentiment.

Her latest single LOCKDOWN surpassed one millions streams on YouTube within a day, edging her peers to debut at number 1 on the iTunes reggae chart and the Jamaican YouTube charts.

Donovan Watkis is the producer and host of World Music Views 

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