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Gabbidon: Dancing King of The Jungle

July 17, 2023 | Supa Pea |

Gabbidon, a name that will never easily drift away from party goers, was pure class at Safari Soiree, a show which had patrons shouting for more.

Browns Promotion seems to get everything right -from a  spacious outdoor venue which allowed partygoers to just have pure fun, to the music which allows the vibes to reach everyone.

The Philadelphia venue, a popular party spot since this summer, was like a beehive.

Nickeisha Smith, CEO, Ishana’s Closet had Gabbidon, as special quest artiste, wearing her brand throughout the night which lasted some six hours.

According to Nickeisha, “Gabbidon and I went to school together. I know him for over twenty years. Over these years, I have been watching his success, which comes from building a variety of dance moves. These are very innovative, simple to catch on to, and creative.”

The promoter and Gabbidon are relatives. They grew up in Jamaica and have had a very good relationship. So, it is obvious that he would be at the event. “Along with Gabbidon we had deejay Dancehall Gorilla, an up-coming artiste, who’s blooming in his craft”.

Gabbidon flew into Philadelphia on Thursday, two days before the show. This was in the height of preparation, which included green artificial grass with overhead lights decorated with artificial bananas and monkeys to capture the animal print theme.

There were also VIP booths with guest from different states, including New York and Florida.

Gabbidon clad in casual pants and shirt, with Ishana Closet logo which incorporated a jungle theme. He danced his way into the hearts of fans. The songs being Drift by Teejay and Foot Play by Iwaata.

Gabbidon also hosted the all female dance competition which attracted five patrons, all declared winners.

Browns Promotion is now certain that Gabbidon has sealed his return to the next great show.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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