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Junior King And Queen Selected at Toronto Caribbean Carnival Junior Showcase

Toronto Revellers and Tribal take the Big Prize at the annual pageant

July 17th, 2023 (Toronto, ON) – It was a spectacular and competitive parade of 41 stunning costumes displaying creative imagination that wowed the packed stands at Scarborough Town Centre Sunday afternoon into the early evening. Winning the title of Junior Queen was Toronto Reveller’s Myauna King-Thomas wearing ‘Belle of the Ball’ for the band’s theme of “It’s Showtime” and the Junior King title went to Tribal’s Amari Bowen-Otchere expertly displaying “Brokan The Last Dragon’ for the band’s theme of “Once Upon a Time.”

“It’s so wonderful to see all the young people on stage celebrating their culture, but also seeing our community and our city celebrating Caribbean culture, celebrating these children’s culture and I can’t tell you how important that is” said Mischka Crichton, CEO of the Festival Management Committee. “I love the diversity I see in schools right now, but there is still a group of kids that are not accounted for. These children were here today celebrating our freedom from slavery and continuing our culture for years to come.”

The showcase included a spectacular display of intricately designed costumes, each representing a unique theme and story. Each costume is a testament to the creativity and dedication of costume creators. Contestants were judged on visual impact, creativity, authenticity, craftsmanship, clarity of theme, and presentation in competition for a cash prize.

Other results include:

Junior King 

2nd Place – Toronto Revellers – London Christmas-Espinet – Black Boy Joy: A Tribute to Miles Morales

3rd Place – E.P.I.C Carnival – Jalil Vincent Rampersad – Passion of Vengeance

4th Place – Carnival Nationz – Joanan Prince Cage Duncan – El Toro – The Matador

Junior Queen

2nd Place – Carnival Nationz – Sadie Murphy – Welcome to Venice Carnival

3rd Place – Saldenah Mas-K Club – Nyah Agyeman – Queen of Pan

4th Place – Sublime Mas – Sylena Marshall – Atargatis the Siren-Mermaid

Junior Female Individual – Under 16

1st Place – Carnival Nationz – J’Naya Ryan – Queen of the African Dancer

2nd Place – Saldenah Mas-K Club – Arihana Mia Galati – Medusa Unmasked

3rd Place – Toronto Revellers – Amayah John – Princess of Egypt

Junior Male Individual – Under 16

1st Place – Toronto Revellers – Marquee St. Louis – Namor

2nd Place – Carnival Nationz – Kashton Prince Washington -De Spirit of the Witch Doctor

Junior Female Individual – 6 – 10 yrs old

1st Place – Saldenah Mas-K Club – Amaya Gopaul – Frozen Snow Queen Elsa

2nd Place – Tribal – Adria La Pierre – Red Riding Hood

3rd Place – E.P.I.C. – Jaylee Augustee – Passion for Fashion

Junior Male Individual – 6-10 yrs old

1st Place – Carnival Nationz – Christopher Elahie – Tenryu-ji The great temple of the heavenly dragon

2nd Place – Tribal – Nahzi Bailey – Jack and the Beanstalk

3rd Place – Fantazia Carnival – Jhassan Webster-Oliver – The Unicorn

Junior Female Individual – 0-5 yrs old

1st Place – Carnival Nationz – Averie Arthur – Namibia Princess, African Fan Dancer

2nd Place – Saldenah Mas-K Club – Zevana Dasque – Unmasked Sunshine

3rd Place – Toronto Revellers – Kaliyah Luscombe-Trotman – Red Carpet

Junior Male Individual 0-5 yrs old

1st Place – Carnival Nationz – Caelian Pascal – Rhythms Dance of the Congo Man

2nd Place – Saldenah Mas-K Club – Kai-Nai Jordan-Tafari

3rd Place – Carnival Nationz – Solomon McNiven – The Li’l Scotsman

On Saturday, July 22nd the Junior Carnival Parade starts at Malvern Community Centre and marches through the streets to Neilson Park. An estimated 2-thousand young people take part in this mini version of the Grand Parade. It is free to attend and starts at 11am until 8pm.

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