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Aidonia ft Govanna – Breeze (Official Music Video)

[Intro: Aidonia & Govana]
Me coulda never green, dawg, me no chocho (No)
Haha, ho ho
Cu yah nuh…underpants, Polo
With a gyal inna mi bed, me catch it pon the GoPro
The gyal weh dem a wife up, nuh fi mi gogo!
A yesterday she give the mojo a low blow

Blow wow!, live your life, dawg, YOLO
Yo, “Govi!” bere gyal a shout out

[Chorus: Govana & Aidonia]
Gyal a say me fresh, “A wha’ you bathe with, breeze?”
“Neck full of ice, you no ‘fraid it freeze?”
Diddy Don bere gyal a swarm like bees
Mussi true your chain dem yellow like cheese
Wha’ you say? It a mussi Tastee’s cheese
Say me sweet, say she waan taste it, “Please!”
And a smile with the pretty braces, teeth
Benz pon the highway, hear it squeeze

[Verse 1: Govana & Aidonia]
A Genna Genna ting, a so me do mi ting, daaaawg
Hotter than a grotto bread
Cologne a fire like a clip, a hollow head
Deh a Naggo Head
Gyal a smell me and a dead
Govi Govi, yeah, the gyal dem say dem love your plait-up head
No, mi Don, a true me jook dem hotter than a macka peg
Alright, then, huh!, top jockey, Thoroughbred
Gyal clown, your gyal a beg in a lotto bed.

Published March 7 2018


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