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Leadership training equips participants with empowering content

June 22, 2023 | By THANDISIZWE MGUDLWA |

CAPE TOWN, South Africa —  IN times of crisis great leadership becomes a necessity to resolve obstacles facing society. 

So much so as individuals, we have to dig deeper to our leadership gifts and talents in the process of building better lives for ourselves and for other people.

This much came up during the recent Leadership Training organized by the Dieunedort Ministries International and hosted by the Phandulwazi Educational & Development Centre in Langa, Cape Town recently.

To touch on some of the points raised on Leadership by the internationally renowned Bishop Dieunedort, participants left the two day training equipped with lessons on what they ought to do and contribute to their lives and in improving the human condition.

Bishop Dieunedort started out, a leader is an influencer be it in the family, community, organisation, institutions and any other sector of society;

A leader is someone that leads in good things.

A leader is must first lead him/herself before he or she can lead other people.

A leader is someone who takes initiative.

A leader is someone who thinks for other people situations.

A leader opens a way for him/herself and future generations.

A leader is a builder.

A leader is the pillar of the community.

A leader is a shining star.

A leader is always ahead of others.

A leader must be disciplined.

A leader must listen to other people and always learn.

A leader must serve society.

The Rev Pastor Jean Paul Bukasa of Hope of Nations Church who was the Guest Speaker during the two day training added that a leader must be teachable.

A leader must be reliable.

A leader must be faithful.

A leader must be loyal.

A leader must be dependable.

A leader must have character.

In a one-on-one session on day two Pastor Busaka added that in order to make progress in life you must have boundaries. 

In other words, a person must have NO. NOs to certain things. You can’t do as you please and not obey God’s Will.

” You must do good things you have never done before. And become a person you have never been before to make progress in life.”

And other people’s contribution to the issue of Leadership after the training at Phandulwazi added that a leader must show people direction, meaning that a leader has to know the way and show others how to get to the destination.

A leader must have a vision & mission, meaning that  leader must have targeted goals and drive to achieve those goals working and leading other people in the process.

A leader must be a problem fixer, a Mr. Fix It or a Miss Fix It.

A leader must be an effective communicator and teacher.

Of course the are many other definitions of Leadership in the world. 

But the above are just a few of what Africa and most of the nations battling with high levels on poverty, unemployment and inequality must strongly pay attention to. 

In fact , Leadership Training programmes should be integrated into the schooling system. 

And for organisations like PHANDULWAZI Educational & Development Centre this must form the basis of the education and training that the organisation is embarking on in the future.

Perhaps, when the question of Leadership development has been address, real change and transformation in our society will come to life.

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