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Major Lazer live in concert December 20


Coming off a hugely successful year which began with a sold-out concert at UWI, Mona campus in January, the event saw dancehall sounds Chromatic and DJ/producer Mario C play opening sets while also featuring guest cameos from Popcaan and reggae’s new golden boy Chronixx. For the main event, Diplo and his Major Lazer crew laid down an unforgettable experience in sight and sound – dancers, confetti, crowd surfing and human-sized hamster balls included.

bigger and better

The unforgettable, sold-out performance, had patrons drooling for another instalment.

This time around, the New Mas Camp will play host to Major Lazer and the performers are committed to delivering a performance bigger and better than their last.

Major Lazer frontman, Diplo, stated, “Every time we come to the island whether to vibe and record our music in studio or to perform live, we get the greatest showing of love from the industry, the people and the media. This time around, we are going to raise the bar to the sky again and give back some of the love Jamaica shows to Major Lazer. Our UWI show was absolutely insane and is one of our best shows we have done anywhere in the world to this day.”

The MC for Major Lazer, Walshy Fire, who started his career with Black Chiney, is a born and bred Jamaican with the vision of taking reggae and dancehall music to the world and back.

infuse elements

Walshy too is seriously excited to be able to do this once again telling us, “When we came here in January and saw the love that the people had for what we are doing, it meant the world to us. We infuse elements of Jamaican and Caribbean music into our productions and remixes so it’s the most important thing to get the love at home ‘inna our backyaad’. We are going to deliver something special with even more surprises and crazy performances to change the game once again. Jamaica can expect more of our crazy energy but just turned waaaaaay up.”

Dream Entertainment director and Major Lazer live event curator Kamal Bankay, who himself has been a fan of the Major Lazer movement from the early days, said, “I’m truly honoured to be given the opportunity to work with these guys and produce a show of this magnitude.”

He continued, “As a true fan of Jamaican music and Electronic Dance Music, my dream is to fuse both cultures into the greatest ‘one pot’ of entertainment. My dream is to bring the international performers to Jamaica to deliver unique shows as well as eventually creating an experience on the island that patrons from all over the Caribbean and the world will fly to our island for. Delivering truly unique experiences like this helps Jamaica as a country to grow our global footprint in the popular mainstream music industry. Movements like this put our local artistes in places, on stages that are reserved for the biggest and best pop music stars. We intend to deliver to you the most amazing production elements you would have in Jamaica.”

Very limited early-bird tickets go on sale November 15 at Ribbiz Ultralounge at the Acropolis Gaming Centre in Barbican for a cost of $2,000. The event will be drinks inclusive beginning at 8 p.m. sharp.

Stay tuned for updates on Major Lazer’s Facebook and Twitter pages in the coming weeks with special discounts, giveaways, fan competitions and announcements to follow!


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