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Lady Saw to release video with Flo Rider

Lady Saw

The Queen of the Dancehall Lady Saw recently shot the music video for the remix of her 2012 hit song ‘Heels On’, which features American rapper Flo Rider.


The video was filmed in Miami, and signals Lady Saw’s return to the international music scene.


The music video for Heels On, the remix, will be released later this month and was directed by international video directors Evan Winter and FBI films.


The video will be distributed and promoted by Zojack World-wide as well as Lady Saw’s personal public-relations team.


According to the iconic deejay, the next move is to collaborate with Flo Rider on one of his own songs.


“Flo was great to work with. He is a big fan of mine and I was truly flattered by the amount of love that he and his team had for me. We are in talks to collaborate with Flo on one of his tracks,” she said.


Lady Saw’s publicist, Kaylia Williams, told The STAR that fans of the artiste are eager to see the final product on their screens in coming weeks. She also says the song has been getting a positive feedback from music enthusiasts.


“When we got the call that Flo would do a remix, Lady Saw was very excited. When he sent back his vocals, we were in love with the song all over again. Lady Saw, being spontaneous, immediately vibed four more bars to make it more sexy and sultry,” she said.


Lady Saw is booked for Sting 30th Anniversary and promises to deliver her usually strong set. The deejay was also given the nod as one of the top performers at Reggae Sumfest earlier this year.


Flo Rida
Flo Rider


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