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Mavado Set To Host New Format OS.MO.SIS


It’s a new beginning for OS.MO.SIS!

The standout party series is back with a bang and set to energise the Caymanas Estate this Christmas Eve under the theme ‘New Beginnings’.

After taking the summer off to redesign their event, the ever-creative team behind the standout OS.MO.SIS party series are yet again set to up the ante with the return of their popular OS.MO.SIS party.

The ‘new’ OS.MO.SIS, as the team has highlighted this Christmas, will pay particular attention to the vibes and entertainment aspects of the event. For the first time ever, a popular dancehall act will play host to OS.MO.SIS, which will see it being the only authentic super all-inclusive event featuring live acts.

Dancehall sensation Mavado is set to play the role of host and he will be supported by the sensational Chromatic and Coppershot discos. Other cameo appearances are expected from the dancehall community, but according to the team, those will be left as part of the surprise.

The team was also quick to point out that they are no longer separating the party into VIP and general, and so are opening up the event so that everyone is a VIP.

According to MC Entertainment Director Phillip Palmer, “This event is for everyone, and we believe everyone should enjoy all that OS.MO.SIS has to offer.” He continued, “We will, of course, be focusing on delivering our usual awesome array of food offerings, including ribs, beef, shrimp, pasta, jerk chicken, jerk pork, desserts and more, and providing tantalising drink mixes at our bars. The headline mixes will, of course, be Smirnoff vodka cocktails, which will help to deliver another awesome OS.MO.SIS experience.”

Sponsors for this year’s staging of OS.MO.SIS include Smirnoff vodka, Red Bull, Pepsi, Ting and Ocean Spray Cranberry.


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